Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Book Coming Out: Unicorns, Mermaids and Dragons: The Fantasy Art of Stephanie Small

A new book by Clip Clop Workshop Artist and Owner Stephanie Small, will be coming out next month in paperback.

The book is called Unicorns, Mermaids and Dragons: The Fantasy Art of Stephanie Small. Tir'Rielle Publishing is the publisher.

In addition, a new edition of my first book, With You I Felt the Tide (Tir'Rielle Publishing) will be available next month in paperback. It is currently available in e-book: WITH YOU I FELT THE TIDE: Poetry and Fantasy Art, an E-Book

My Publisher is Tir'Rielle Publishing for both titles.

When the  book is available, it will be posted on Clip Clop Workshop.

My book will soon be published (next month), but until then, here's the title page (the publisher is designing the cover but it will have the same image). This is my second book. The first book will be published next month in its second edition. Both will be paperbacks and will be available on Amazon and other websites.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

T-Shirts, Stickers, Hoodies, Leggings and New Products for Sale


The Art of Stephanie Small is a complex blend of mythical and real. This is your personal invitation to enjoy a tour through the magical and mundane. See a breathtaking visual tour of ancient times and lands filled with trees, magical mushrooms, foliage, enchanted animals and awesome wizards. Let the splendor of unicorns, dragons, griffins, fairies, horses, the winged horse, Pegasus, and even the lone wolf may lure you into a world of artistic exploration. Jump into a magical world. There is something beyond fantasy here. This is a mystical land just for you. If you like something real or mundane, she creates stunning domestic and wild animals. She studies biology and has a love of the ocean and wild animals. Horses, wolves, foxes, ponies, deer, dogs, cats, panthers, lions, fish, tigers and other creatures are some of the animals she draws. She has done animal pet portraits and is available for commission by emailing stephanie@clipclopworkshop for more information.  

Stephanie can be commissioned to do custom artwork including portraits of people, animals, homes or whatever you can think of. She can do custom art as you as a pixie, fairy (faery) or mermaid too! Did you ever want to see yourself as a manga or anime character? She can be commissioned to create a magical portrait of you! Stephanie creates art that is unicorns, mermaids, dragons, griffons and whatever fits her fancy. She can create cute, custom art for you that can be placed on a variety of Zazzle products. Are you wanting your pet or child drawn? Want their picture on a blanket?

Stephanie Small is an artist located in California but she has spent time all over Oregon. Nature is an influential inspiration to Stephanie, as she seeks to augment and reflect what she sees around her in a variety of mediums. Inspired by medieval art, the fantasy and science fiction genre and more, Stephanie has developed a style of mythical realism. Stephanie uses a variety of styles and mixed mediums in her artwork. She regularly uses digital mediums such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter and more. She favors traditional mediums such as colored pencil, chalk, pen, ink, pencil, acrylic, watercolor. She has been known to adapt fabric, recycled art, recycled purses to create art that is both useful and stylish. Stephanie has been interviewed and featured in several magazines and websites. Her artwork has been published several times in books and magazines. She is best known for artwork featured in publications such as the Page, the Twisted Vine, the Unicorn and others. Her artwork will be featured on the cover of several upcoming books and publications.

Stephanie moderates over 13 art related groups, holds contests and organizes large group projects for artists worldwide. Stephanie strives to make a direct impact in her community. She volunteers her time to students of all ages, teaching a variety of classes. She donates administrative assistance, research and artwork to many local non-profits. She has taught in-person and online classes on food preservation, writing, gardening, spirituality, art and more. She has worked for (and with) the local government to initiate youth projects, senior events and business support.

Stephanie loves unicorns. It is clear in her art. She also loves mermaids. She even has a set of mermaid fins she can swim in. Stephanie Small finds inspiration in the animals of the ocean such as whales, orcas, narwhals and dolphins. Whether you are looking for a gift for girls, boys, men or women or whatever someone identify with, you will find something for everyone. Powerful images which have themes such as cute, goth, fantasy, wild animals, patterns, geometric designs, sacred symbols, pentagrams, realistic or more can all be commissioned and area available in current gallery images. Her products have been featured in pagan groups and wicca organizations.

She embraces a variety of colors, favoring jewel tones (red, blue, green, purple) as well as more outgoing colors such as orange, yellow, pink, teal, green, violet or lavender, white and more. She provides many steampunk, medieval fantasy, black and gothic or cute anime and manga themed products. She is in the Society for Creative Anachronism ( SCA ) and is a member of the Vallejo Oddfellows as well as other non-profits. She has a veterinary assisting certificate which helps her by giving her a thorough education in anatomy and the natural world. She can also create images that recreate an emotion or event such as happy, sad, depression, love, joy, exhilaration, congratulations, birthday, holiday, Christmas, Halloween, Yule, Easter, Ostara, and whatever other holiday or celebration you can think of! You can purchase her merchandise from http://clipclopworkshop.com/store/ her website.

If you are looking for a personalized gift, look no further! These unique and stunning pieces of work are available in a variety of pieces and many can be customized to your preference. Are you expecting? She has a bunch of great baby gifts available. You can find personalized wedding gifts, Christmas presents and stuff for him and for her! Looking for something for kids, well this art is geared to making them squeal with joy! You can find a variety of personalized birthday gifts, photo gifts and products that appeal to anyone! Stephanie has provided high end and unique quality items, as well as some more inexpensive and cheap items to fill stockings! Visit http://clipclopworkshop.com/store/

Many of her pieces are cute and fun. She loves to paint her pictures using a variety of colors, she often blends them together. Highlight of contrasting hues augment a variety of her pieces. Whether your favorite color is red, blue, yellow, pink, green, brown, orange, black or white, there is an image that will fit into your home and apparel desires. Stephanie has prepared a variety of images suitable for any occasion. You can explore her Zazzle page to find pillows, blankets, T-shirts, wooden gift boxes, necklaces, jewelry and clothing. These are available for birthday, Christmas, Yule, Easter, Ostara, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Solstices, Equinoxes, Eclipses and other holidays. Send me an email or visit my website at www.clipclopworkshop.com

 Stephanie Small Artist and Actress www.clipclopworkshop.com stephanie@clipclopworkshop.com

The Unique-CORN series: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/unique_corn_unicorn_line-119923775917775313?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Magickal and Metaphysical: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/metaphysical_magickal-119245998988562308?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Spiral Essence Unicorn and Griffon with Celtic Knot: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/spiral_essence_coven-119319499437078425?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Unicorn Moon Series: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/unicorn_moon_collection-119312735321909215?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Unicorn and Dragon Lovers Eternal Embrace https://www.zazzle.com/collections/dragon_and_unicorn-119782523191187594?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

For the Goths: Gothic Fantasy: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/gothic_fantasy-119331001880302724?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Wolves, Dogs and Canines: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/dogs_wolves_foxes_and_other_canines-119412678320972152?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Griffons: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/griffons-119230332115678479?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Cats, Kittens, Panthers, Lions, Tigers and felines: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/cats_kittens_lions_panthers_tigers_and_felines-119552955706226837?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Gift Ideas for all ages: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/gift_ideas-119780321879480914?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Wedding and Love: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/wedding_and_love-119518810852980366?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Fantasy Clothes and Gifts: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/fantasy_clothes_and_gifts-119011221064949786?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Dragons and Reptiles: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/dragons_and_reptiles-119311680316033616?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Horses, Ponies, Pegasus, Unicorns, Zebras, Donkeys and Other Equines: https://www.zazzle.com/collections/horses_unicorns_and_more-119232499897029269?rf=238195467436891626&CMPN=share_dclit&lang=en&social=true

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Napa and Sonoma County Ticks

. In Napa, there were 2 cases of lyme disease and Ehrlichiosis out of the 813 tested. Out of this number, Anaplasmosis has had 7 positive cases. This puts this figure a little higher, but the area seems to be rather safe. This may be due to the lack of testing of dog populations, low pet populations, the likelihood of the region to produce ticks (regionally, there is a lot of pesticide use) or the level of pet care.
Anaplasmosis is a disease caused by the bacteria Anapasma phagocytophilium. The pathogen is transmitted to a human or pet through a tick bite. This is a disease carried by the black-legged tick, Ixodes scapularis the deer tick. This is the same tick that carries Lyme disease. This makes coinfections likely (and most likely what we are seeing here in Napa). Anaplasmosis infection in dogs may be hard to spot. It could be identified with loss of appetite, neck pain, neurological signs, reluctance to move, lameness or lethargy. In Anaplasma platys, another variety, they may be hard to find. This infection may have bruising on the gums and belly and include spontaneous nosebleeds.
To take care of pets choose the right product to use on pets. I would select Fipronil and I would go with one of the Frontline products.
To protect humans stay on trails when possible. Repellants with DEET should be used on the skin. Permethrin tick repellents should be used on clothing. When you are in an area that has had ticks, check yourself immediately. It is important to remove ticks from your body right away. Humans get mild or no symptoms. Nausea, muscle aches, fatigue, headache, fever and other flu like symptoms are Anaplasmosis symptoms. A rash, coughing or vomiting may occur in some people. If someone has a weakened immune system, it may affect them strongly. Luckily, Anaplasmosis is rarely fatal in humans.
Treat the outdoor environment for ticks. Be mindful of how these products affect the environment. Provide a landscape change to provide a buffer to protect pets from tick areas in yards is helpful. Getting rid of wild animals from the yard helps reduce ticks. Ticks should be properly removed from people and pets. This is to prevent the head from getting stuck. At our shelter, we use alcohol on ticks to kill them yet preserve them for identification and information. I got pictures of the local ticks.
Knowing about ticks is helpful. Although they cause only direct irritation from the bite, they can transmit dangerous disease with all kinds of symptoms. In addition, if killed they can leave the head in which can become infected. Tick control products help reduce numbers.
Some symptoms of tick based disease are lameness, paralysis, anemia and fever as well as other symptoms. People get bit by a tick to get the disease. These diseases are not spread from their pets directly. A dog with one of these ticks can spread disease to another human only if the tick bites the dog then transmits the pathogen to the human through another bite.
California has 50 different tick species known. Here is a complete list of Napa’s ticks: http://napamosquito.org/vectors-and-pests/ticks/supplemental-ticks/
·        Argassidae (soft bodied ticks)
o   lack a hard dorsal shield
o   top view has visible mouth parts
o   Calif. has 19 species
·        Ixodidae (hard bodied ticks)
o   Calif. has 31 species

Napa County has 10 tick species (2 soft bodied and 8 hard bodied).
Western Black-legged Tick (Ixodes pacificus)
·        Lyme disease spirochete
·        Equine Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis Rickettsia

Pacific Coast Tick, (Dermacentor occidentalis)

Brown Dog Tick, (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) [most common in Calif. Kennels]
·        Rocky Mountain Fever
·        canine ehrlichiosis
·        canine babesiosis

American Dog Tick, (Dermacentor variabilis)
·        Rocky Mountain Spotted fever rickettsia
·        bacterium responsible for Tularemia
·        Saliva can cause tick paralysis.

I intern at the Sonoma County Animal Services. I have included tick pictures from last week. These were off the strays that came in. The tech soaks them in alcohol and saves them for us interns to look at. Yay. Here, now I am sharing the fun. Enjoy.

Anaplasmosis, Human Granulocytic. California Department of Public Health. https://www.cdph.ca.gov/HealthInfo/discond/Pages/Anaplasmosis.aspx
Napa County Mosquito Abatement District. Common Ticks. http://napamosquito.org/vectors-and-pests/ticks/common-ticks/

Sunday, March 19, 2017


This is some research I am doing fo ra friend. Here are some images of Morgellons I found online. 

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Image result for morgellon thread
Image result for morgellon thread
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